Waterproof and Sunproof for Permanent Labeling!

Park's Waterproof Marker

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Sharp, clear lettering that stands up to the sprinkler!

We rely on this fast-drying black marker in our garden trials.
How many times have you peered in vain at the faint pencil strokes or bleached-white seed packet you used to label that interesting-looking plant in the garden? Now you can label all your plants permanently and economically with this waterproof black marker!

Designed for use with Lifetime Labels but adaptable to most any clean plastic surface, this pen offers sharp, clear (fine-tip) black lettering that lasts through the hot summer sun, heavy spring rain, and constant drizzle from the sprinkler! This is the pen we use in our garden trials, and we highly recommend its long-lived, fast-drying performance!

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