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Park's Wire Cucumber Support

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Why Didn't Someone Think of This Sooner?!

Each support holds up to 4 plants (2 on each side).
Our heavy wire cucumber support is the perfect way to grow the best crop of your life! Set it open to just the angle you desire, then let the plants climb their way to big harvests!

This steel support operates on springs to open wide and stay put all season long. No matter how heavy the vines become, this support will hold them up beautifully! It comfortably accommodates up to 2 plants on each side, for an uncrowded, fruitful planting!

Four feet long and nearly four feet high when upright (how wide you open it is your choice), Park's Cucumber Support folds flat for storage, washes clean in a trice with the hose, and holds up for a lifetime. Treat your garden to this top-quality support . . . and use it in the off-season for Sweet Peas and other climbers, if you like! Sturdy and dependable, it's a useful addition to any garden.

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