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The First Tri-colored Impatiens!

Patchwork Cosmic Orange Impatiens Plants

Pack of 6
Item # 87814-PK-6D
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There's Never Been Another Like It!

Lush plants both trail and mound, the blooms banked by dark foliage.
Such a new look for Impatiens, both in color and form! Patchwork Cosmic Orange is the first-ever tri-colored variety, with dark orange-red combining with lavender in layers around a central white starburst. The foliage is super dark green, almost black in the shade, and the habit is both trailing and mounding. Wow -- certainly not Grandmother's sedate little bedding Impatiens!

Patchwork Cosmic Orange is crying out to be used in containers of all kinds, especially hanging baskets. Impatiens also makes a fine houseplant, elevating this shade lover well beyond the limited garden uses of its past. And the habit is so full, lush, and many-layered that this plant tends to look much larger than its modest size of 10 to 16 inches high and 12 to 14 inches wide. Put 3 plants in a hanging basket or 6 in a standard sill-length windowbox, and you'll have an explosion of color spilling over the rims and down the sides for months and months!

That's another thing -- Patchwork Cosmic Orange hasn't lost a bit of its bloom strength or longevity in all the newness of its color scheme and habit. You can still count on these blooms to begin in late spring, continue all summer, and possibly sneak into autumn in warm climates. The foliage is abundant and healthy too, refusing to shrivel or burn in the heat and humidity of August.

Impatiens is one of the easiest annuals to grow, and one of the few that actually prefers shade while still setting masses of bright blooms. As such, it is always prized -- so you can imagine the fuss that is brewing over this tri-colored, mounding/trailing wonder! Order your plants now, please, because we can't guarantee season-long availability!

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Genus 2 Impatiens
Species walleriana
Variety 'Patchwork Cosmic Orange'
Item Form Pack of 6
Virtual Form All Zones Shipping 5/18/15
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