Patio Garden Box

Patio Garden Box

Who Says You Can't Grow Veggies on a City Balcony?

Item # 38761
What a creative and fun solution to the problem of no garden space! This do-it-yourself kit contains 6 vegetable varieties that you can grow in almost no space. So even if you're in the city or have only a concrete slab in sunshine, these vertically-growing and compact varieties will grow and fruit for you! What a great gift for a gardening friend who is missing the dirt, or a new gardener who wants to start with container plants before breaking into the soil!

Once you open this box, all you need to add is water and sunshine. Everything else is right here: 6 seed packets, coir disk for growing, wooden plant labels, simple instructions, and the egg carton tray. Here's more about each type of veggie included in the Patio Garden Box:

• Sweet Chocolate Bell Pepper - A glossy, elongated pepper that turns from green to rich mahogany brown as it ripens. Hard to find in stores, it is nutritious and yummy . . . though the only chocolate, sadly, is in its name!

• French Breakfast Radish - Even a small pot is all you need to grow these beautiful pink-and-white roots, which look like baby carrots of a different color! Ready in under a month, too!

• Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean - Perfect for the porch railing or column! This vining plant climbs upward, tossing out yummy bean pods along the way!

• Benning's Green Tint Scallop Squash - LIttle flying saucers of palest green on vining plants that will grow contentedly in a flowerpot.

• Yellow Pear Tomato - Hundreds of mini fruit, looking just like dwarf pears and tasting just like tomatoes, all over this vining plant. They keep coming all summer!

• Red Pear Tomato - Ditto the pear-look, tomato-taste described above, but in bright red!

Your friends and family are going to love the Patio Garden Box. It's an inspirational gift, because it opens up new possibilities for small spaces and inhospitable climates. Don't let your loved ones deny themselves the pleasure of harvesting fresh vegetables just because they have no garden! Get them started with this kit, and we predict they will soon have plants thriving all over the place! Kit dimensions: 3" x 4" x 6". Weight: 5 oz.