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Contains faucet adapter, backflow valve, 30 feet of ¼ inch vinyl tubing, 8 stakes, 8 ¼ inch tee fittings, and 10 nail clamps.

Patio Water Kit 8 Plants

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Make a Truly Self-Watering Patio

This drip irrigation kit can water 3 patio plants with a strong spray or up to 8 patio plants with a drip.
Never again do you need to waste time waste time or water wasting your patio plants. With this economical, easy-to-install system you can easily deliver water right to the base of your plants. Targeted, timely watering will restore vigor to your plants and give your patio garden a new, healthy glow!

Here's how it works:

1. Attach the backflow prevention valve and the faucet adapter to your outdoor water faucet.

2. Push the ¼ inch vinyl tube onto the adapter's barbed outlet.

3. Run the tubing to your first plant and cut it with scissors.

4. Use the ¼ inch tee to run tubing to the stakes.

5. Push the ¼ inch tube onto the stake's barbed inlet.

6. Finally, place the stake in the pot near the base of your plant.

Combine with the 'Mister Timer for Micro-Sprays and Drip Irrigation' for a truly hassle-free self-watering patio.

With most faucets the PSI will only be great enough to deliver a good spray to 3 plants, but up to 8 plants can be watered with a slower drip. Nail clamps included to easily attach the tubing to any deck o wooden structure.

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