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Pepper Karma Hybrid

Pack of 6
Item # 87445-PK-6D
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Bright red pepper is 6 inches long and 4 inches wide, with a rectangular, 4-lobed, blocky shape.

The new standard of excellence in bell peppers!
68 days. After tasting hundreds of new bell peppers all over the country, our horticulturist announced, "I should have stayed home!" Why? Because the best was growing right here in our South Carolina trial gardens, as well as in fields nationwide.

Early on, Karma got top ratings for its heavy yield, large 6- by 4-inch shape, showy dark-green-to-bright-red color, and thick walls. But every gardener knows that the 3 most important criteria for vegetables are taste, taste, and taste. So when the raves began pouring in from taste tests, we proclaimed Karma "the new standard of excellence in bell peppers." These TMV-resistant plants reach 25 to 35 inches tall and need staking to support their huge bounty. Scrumptious juicy, sweet flavor with no aftertaste!

Space plants about 18 inches apart in direct sun. Set of 6.

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Genus 2 Capsicum
Species annuum
Variety Karma Hybrid
Item Form Pack of 6
Virtual Form All Zones Shipping 5/18/15
Plant Height 2 ft 1 in - 2 ft 11 in
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