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The First Tricolored AND Double-Flowered Petunia!

Petunia Sweet Sunshine™ Compact Nostalgia

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Item # 80040-PK-6D
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So carefree it even self-cleans!

Blooms for months!
By far the most beautiful Petunia we have ever grown, this amazing TRICOLORED, DOUBLE-FLOWERED variety is a showpiece that deserves your best containers and most prominent sunny garden spots. The blooms appear over a long summer season, the foliage is dramatically dark, and the habit is compact and very full, so it looks as fresh in September as it did in April!

These blooms are simply magnificent. Measuring about 2 1/2 inches wide (and nearly as "tall"!), they are primarily pink, but have many soft yellow and pale lime-green washes and highlights, creating a gorgeous tricolor effect that looks distinctively different on every bloom. The inner petals are shorter and more ruffled, while the outer tend to have darker edges than centers, for a watercolor brilliance that is breathtaking! And when they are finally spent, they drop neatly to the ground, so you never have to deadhead. Such an easy-to-maintain, beautiful Petunia!

The flowers begin in early summer in most climates (earlier in warm areas) and continue all season, despite heat, humidity, and blazing sun. Keep this plant very well watered and fed for best bloom production; it is super-vigorous, and needs its strength! Just a foot high but trailing several feet long, it is a splendid sight in hanging baskets, window boxes, tall planters, and even the garden bed.

The vintage look of these blooms is very appealing and unusual, heightened by the dark color of the foliage. A very compact plant, Sweet Sunshine™ always looks neat, never sprawling or rangy. Consider combining Nostalgia with the newest color in the series, cool key-lime green and white Lime. You will find it the centerpiece of your summer patio, deck, porch, or garden, always in bloom and astonishingly lovely!

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Genus 2 Petunia
Variety Sweet Sunshine Compact Nostalgia
Item Form Pack of 6
Virtual Form All Zones Shipping 5/18/15
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