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Pink and Ink Annual Plant Combination

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Item # 87816-PK-6D
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Light and Dark Accents for Sunny Spots!

Contains 2 plants each of Sweet Potato Vine Sidekick Black, Verbena Lanai® Upright Bright Rose, and Petunia Fame Salmon Pink.
The hottest colors of the season combine in this beautiful combination of sun-loving annuals! Gorgeous and glossy near-black Sweet Potato vines offset the ultra-bold tones of salmon, pink, rose, and red found in these Petunia and Verbena blooms. Plant them together in a large flowerpot, tub, windowbox, or even the sunny annual bed, and you will be admiring their beauty all season long.

Pink and Ink brings you Ipomoea (Sweet Potato Vine) Sidekick Black, a trailing plant 12 to 14 inches high and up to 3 feet long, with large, arrowhead-shaped leaves of purplish-black. Ready to stand up to the summer's most punishing heat and humidity, it makes a great groundcover, but also serves as the perfect backdrop to just about any blooms.

Then there's Verbena Lanai® Upright Bright Rose, a fascinating butterfly magnet with nosegays of bright blooms that vary from pale pink to deep rose. No two flowerheads will be alike, but all will be beautiful on this mounding plant, which reaches about 12 to 16 inches high and a foot wide. A heat- and sun-lover, it's the Sweet Potato Vine's best friend!

Last but never least is Petunia Fame Salmon Pink, an early-blooming wonder just 6 to 8 inches high but spreading up to a foot wide, with absolutely giant blooms of . . . well, salmon-pink, as the name says! These flowers look huge beside the petite Verbena florets, and stand out form the black Sweet Potato foliage like festive trumpets. Heat and humidity are all in a day's work for this Petunia as well, and it continues its flower show right through summer and into fall, until cold weather nips it back.

Of course, you don't have to combine these 3 plants -- they all have many, many friends in the annual bed and patio containers! -- but they look splendid together. In this combination you receive 2 plants of each, for a total of 6. This summer, grow the best-dressed flowerpots on the porch steps, the prettiest baskets on the patio, and the most heat- and sun-resistant combination in the driveway! Rely on Pink and Ink!

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