Pink Truffles Baptisia

Pink Truffles Baptisia

Soft Pink to Lavender Tones!

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What lasts longer than chocolate but is just as sweet? The answer is Pink Truffles! This lovely cultivar of the Decadence® series is 14 years in the making and is a real breakthrough for Baptisia.

Ranging between 3 and 4 feet high, this compact perennial makes a great filler for tighter spaces in a packed garden. What it lacks in overall size it more than makes up for with its impressive flower power! Its slender stems send up wands of lovely pastel pink flowers with light yellow keels. Even its seedheads are attractive, and between them their blooms -- and the butterflies that they attract -- you won't want for dynamic interest this spring!

Hardy and quite low maintenance, this flower can be very long-lived once established. This Baptisia is a sun lover, but does tolerate shade and can even thrive in poor soil. Deer resistant and not too thirsty, it's a great choice for today's open, water-wise garden settings.

Over their long season, the pink blooms will mature to a soft lavender, creating a two-tone effect when the plant is in full bloom. And this is a long-lived perennial, so you will enjoy Pink Truffles for many seasons to come.

Pink Truffles won't melt in your hand or your mouth, but it might just melt your heart!