Pinstripe Hybrid Eggplant Seeds

Pinstripe Hybrid Eggplant Seeds

Striped Mini Italian Fruits for the Container!

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63 days from setting out transplants.

Eggplants on the patio? Why not! This beautiful striped Italian type is just the ornamental touch any large planter needs, and it bears big crops of striped fruit on compact, spineless plants all summer, after setting big spring flowers. What could be more useful and delightful?!

Pinstripe Hybrid is part of the Kew Collection in England, specially selected as one of the plants to grow in the Royal Botanic Gardens. (It helps that in England, eggplants are called Aubergines for their rich purple color. They sound so much more regal that way!) And certainly these are vegetables fit for a Queen: each round to oval fruit reaches a mature size of about 3 ounces, with a bright lavender base and dozens of slender white stripes.

Pinstripe can also be harvested young as a succulent gourmet baby veggie. Either way, its flavor will be mild yet rich, with a good bite. And harvest is easy, thanks to spineless plants. Compact and nicely branched, this plant reaches about 22 inches high and nearly as wide, with big yields that continue all season long.

Silvery green leaves add to the ornamental appeal of Pinstripe, which thrives in any container 12 inches in diameter or greater. You shouldn't have to support this plant, even when it is heavy with fruit, but give it a stake alongside the central stem if you like. The branching, foliage, and hanging fruits will completely hide it!

Begin seeds indoors 8 to 10 weeks before planning to set out. Eggplant is a warm-weather crop, so wait until after danger of frost before transplanting seedlings into the sunny garden or container. In the garden, space plants 2 feet apart. Pkt is 10 seeds.