Pinto™ Premium Rose Bicolor Geranium Seeds

Pinto™ Premium Rose Bicolor Geranium Seeds

Compact and So Floriferous!

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Another gorgeous color for Pinto™, the most popular Pelargonium in American gardens today! Rose Bicolor is a glorious 5-inch bloom cluster, full and rounded, that appears in great numbers all over very compact plants. The most petite and free-flowering Pinto™ yet, it's a great addition to this famous series and a boon for any annual bed or container!

Pinto™ Premium Rose Bicolor offers giant flowerheads, absolutely brilliant, with petals of richest rose daubed with white in a hand-painted look. Brilliant above the emerald-green foliage starred with near-black zonal patterns, these blooms are long-lasting even in punishing summer weather.

Pinto™ is a renowned series of seed geraniums famous for its big blooms on short stems and its vigorous growth. Premium White to Rose won a 2013 All-America Selection Award, and now Rose Bicolor introduces a smaller, more contained habit with just as many beautiful blooms!

This sun-loving bedding plant reaches just 11 to 13 inches high and spreads 13 to 15 inches wide. Its branching is excellent, its leaves profuse and beautiful, and its flower earlier to bloom than most others. In other words, everything about it is just a bit better than most other Pelargoniums!

The flowers hold up well over time, and don't need deadheading (new ones will spring up and hide the old). This is a great choice for windowboxes, patio containers, edging, the front or middle of the annual bed, and just about anywhere else you have good soil drainage and nonstop sun. Like other Pelargoniums, Pinto™ enjoys a good feeding every other week throughout the growing season, too. And it's easy to grow new plants from cuttings, so if you have a coldframe or greenhouse, don't forget to keep your Pintos™ going by rooting cuttings in fall!

The best way to start these seeds is in your Bio Dome. Pelargonium seeds are not difficult to germinate, but they can take their time -- don't be surprised if they germinate days or even a week or two apart. Drop a seed into the Bio Sponge (or, if you're using a seed flat, lightly cover with starting mixture) and place in a 70-degree-ish location. Bottom watering is essential, as is consistent moisture. The Bio Dome also helps protect the young seedlings from drying winds and drafts. Once the seeds have sprouted, give the seedlings plenty of light, and transplant outdoors after all danger of frost is past. Pkt is 10 seeds.