Plantscape Terra 2-Pack Vertical Planting Panels (8 planting pockets)

Plantscape Terra 2-Pack Vertical Planting Panels (8 planting pockets)

Incredible Self-Irrigating Vertical Garden!

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The Plantscape Terra 2-pack Vertical Planting Panels is a design breakthrough you will love! All you need is a wall. Yep, that's it -- any wall will do, because this revolutionary system includes a backing to keep the wall clean. A paneled system of vertical planters that includes an irrigation system (!), Plantscape is going to change the look of your garden in just minutes!

Simply put, this Vertical Garden Kit transforms any plain wall into an outdoor work of art. Each Plantscape kit includes two modular panels. And each panel has four separate potting cells that can hold a wide variety of plants. Assembly is a simple process that only takes minutes. A protective backing goes against the wall, and then the irrigation kit is installed. The Plantscape panels are then attached and are ready to be filled with your plants. That's all there is to it!

The included irrigation kit keeps everything properly hydrated while also cleaning the wall as it continously drips a suitable quantity of water for every plant and pot. The panels are UV protected and are designed to withstand harsh weather.

The kit contains two terracotta-colored panels, each with the following dimensions: 22½-inch width x 20½-inch length x 4¼-inch depth. Each panel has 4 planter pockets, so when you purchase this kit, you get 2 full panels with a total of 8 planting spaces. It assembles in seconds, looks great, and opens up previously empty spots in your garden, on your patio porch or deck, or anywhere you want to create a living wall of plants! Weight 4.4 lbs.