PowWow White Coneflower Plant

PowWow White Coneflower Plant

Super-floriferous, Yet So Compact!

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Sister to the groundbreaking PowWow Wild Berry, this pristine white beauty offers the same numerous advantages: it doesn't need to be deadheaded to set new buds; it's compact enough to grow in a container; and it attracts pollinators into the garden all summer!

The flowers make terrific everlastings as well as fresh-cut bouquets, arising incredibly profusely from early summer until the first frosts of fall. Like all Echinacea, PowWow White attracts butterflies and bees to the fresh blooms in summer and birds to the seed-filled cones in autumn and winter. It's simply a magnificent addition to any garden!

Just 20 to 24 inches high when not in bloom, PowWow White spreads 12 to 16 inches wide within a single season. Very compact by Echinacea standards -- yet the number of blooms these stems bear is mind-boggling! In full flower, the plant will reach about 29 to 36 inches high, with thick, durable, long-lasting bloom stems that make good cuts for the vase. And remember -- no deadheading needed to encourage new buds to form!

Widely adapted to extreme heat, humidity, cold, drought, and poor soil, this native perennial is suitable for just about any climate in the country. Give it sunshine and well-drained soil, pamper it the first year to help it finds its feet, and PowWow White will be off and running! Plant it this season and then tell us how it performed in your garden! Zones 3-9.