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Precise Heat Mat System with Built-in Thermostat - 8 feet x 11 inches
The All-in-One Seed and Plant Heating System!
35363.jpgPrecise Heat Mat System with Built-in Thermostat - 8 feet x 11 inchesPrecise Heat Mat System with Built-in Thermostat - 8 feet x 11 inches

Precise Heat Mat System with Built-in Thermostat - 8 feet x 11 inches

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Gentle Soil Heat for Germinating Seeds and Overwintering Plants

Includes an adjustable thermostat to pinpoint the temperature your plants need.
The best way we know to reliably germinate seeds in a cold room, overwinter tropical plants and tender perennials, or simply keep your houseplants warm and toasty while the house is cool, the Precise Heat Mat System with Thermostat is a lifesaver. When you're serious about growing indoors in cold weather, there's simply nothing to beat it.

This system combines a heat mat with an adjustable thermostat, so you can target exactly the soil temperature you want to germinate a certain type of seed or keep plants warm enough. The Agritape Heat Mat operates on 20 watts of electricity per linear foot, and is powerful enough to raise the temperature up to 20 degrees above the surrounding level. So you heat only the soil, not the whole room!

Here's how it works: the heat mat system includes a temperature sensor bulb on a 3-foot capillary tube. Simply insert the bulb into the soil of the seed flat or the environment of your Bio Dome, and it reads the temperature. Then you can set the thermostat dial to exactly the level you want.

The thermostat includes a ground-fault sensing plug (GFCI) that will turn off the unit if leaking current is detected, so you never waste a watt. It plugs into any outlet, and won't harm finish or paint. Waterproof and flexible, it rolls or lies flat for storage, and of course it lasts for many, many years of active service. Add 2 Grounding Screens for current protection and you're all set!

Measuring 11 inches wide and 8 feet long, it comfortably accommodates 6 Bio Domes. We also offer two sizes of Agritape heat mat without the thermostat (you can use your own with these, or simply plug them in without regulating the precise temperature; they too will heat up to 20 degrees above ambient temperature). They are available in a 4' x 11" as well as a 4' x 22" size.

Take the guesswork out of starting seeds and overwintering your precious plants. With this precise system of heat and temperature, conditions are always perfect for your seeds and plants!

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