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Precise Heat Mat with Thermostat Controller - 10 feet x 11 inches
Start Your Garden in a Cold Room in Winter!

Precise Heat Mat with Thermostat Controller - 10 feet x 11 inches

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Gentle Soil Heat for Germinating Seeds and Overwintering Plants

Plugs into any outlet and won't damage finish or get too hot.
When it's time to start your garden from seed in late winter, keep tropical and tender perennial plants warm enough in a cold room, or maintain houseplants through those chilly months, you don't have to heat the whole room -- just the soil beneath your plants! With this economical and very efficient heat mat, your plants will stay toasty even at ambient temperatures below 55 degrees F!

The Agritape Heat Mat is a rollable mat that distributes gentle bottom heat evenly throughout the surface area -- no "cold spots" as in the old days of coil heating. Simply plug it into the wall. It will heat the soil up to 20 degrees warmer than room temperature, easily meeting the needs even of tropicals and seeds that require very warm conditions for germination.

This heat mat includes the thermostat controller. Able to regulate the temperature of up to 80 feet of Agritape heat mats at once, this thermostat is essential to germinating your seeds, growing on your seedlings, and overwintering your tender perennials and tropicals in a cold room.

The 13-amp controller has an adjustable temperature dial and a bulb sensor that you place right into the soil (or your Bio Dome) to read the temperature. Once you know the temperature, adjust the thermostat to the desired degree, and you're off and running toward your best garden ever!

This thermostat plugs in, needs no maintenance, and lasts for many, many years. Rely on it for accurate results every time! When you're serious about growing indoors in cold weather, there's simply nothing to beat it.

The thermostat includes a ground-fault sensing plug (GFCI) that will turn off the unit if leaking current is detected, so you never waste a watt. It plugs into any outlet, and won't harm finish or paint.

Take the guesswork out of starting seeds and overwintering your precious plants. With this accurate and easy-to-use thermostat, conditions are always perfect for your seeds and plants! This heat mat won't harm finish or paint, is very energy efficient, and is waterproof. Wipe it clean and roll it or lie it flat for storage; it will last for years! Perfect beneath your Bio Domes for starting seeds, or beneath any seed flats or potted plants. Add a Grounding Screen for current protection and you're all set!

Take the guesswork out of starting seeds and overwintering your precious plants. With the Agritape heat mat, it's always just the right temperature! Thermostat: 2½-foot cord.

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