Preserved Boxwood Wreath

Preserved Boxwood Wreath

A Thousand Tiny Leaves to Catch the Light!

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A truly exceptional winter decoration for home and office, this preserved boxwood wreath combines the beauty of fresh greenery with longevity and allergen-free material. Find a plae of honor for this wreath in your own home, then get out your holiday list and choose special friends who will love it as a gift!

Boxwood is a fine alternative to conifer-based evergreen wreaths. Many people are allergic to pine, or find the smell reminiscent of cleaning products. Others are simply annoyed by the constant needle drop all season long, and the sharp points of the foliage as it dries out over time. Boxwood is the solution!

This evergreen is softer than conifer foliage, with tiny, rounded leaves of rich green. For this wreath, we have carefully preserved the fresh foliage -- literally sealing each leaf! -- so that they still look newly cut but will last for years!

And unlike conifers, boxwood foliage is soft and pleasing to the touch. Its rich color is displayed to best effect in a lush, thick wreath, where each individual leaf has its own presence, and the light can catch the foliage in many different ways. Keep it out of direct sunlight for longest life, give it a gentle misting of water about once a month, and enjoy the hassle-free presence of an evergreen wreath that doesn't dry out and drop its foliage!

Making the holidays easier is important to us, and we hope you will love the lower maintenance and longer life of this boxwood wreath. Functional yet elegant, natural yet preserved to extend its fresh beauty, the Evergreen Boxwood Wreath is the ideal gift for everyone on your list who values nature's winter beauty. And of course it belongs front and center in your own home and office, too!


• Small: 12-inch diameter

• Large: 24-inch diameter.