Prizm Hybrid Kale Seeds

Prizm Hybrid Kale Seeds

Harvests Early and Continuously!

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40 days from transplanting seedlings (55 days from direct-sowing.)

Now you can grow gourmet kale in flowerpots and window boxes as well as the vegetable garden! Super-fast, compact, and eager to set new leaves after the first ones are harvested, Prizm Hybrid is your best choice for nonstop crops all season long.

This 2016 All-America Selection beats all others to the finish with flavorful, nutty leaves of brightest green, nearly stemless and beautifully curled. The flavor will delight the whole family, and the speed of maturity is just astonishing. You can be on your second or third picking of Prizm before some other varieties have finished a single crop!

The texture of these leaves is tender, yet Prizm is not just for fresh eating. It holds up well in cooking, and is a terrific all-purpose kale, packed with nutrition and looking as good as it tastes. You will love the ready availability of fresh leaves all season, quickly re-growing after each cutting!

Prizm reaches 15 or more inches high and 10 to 12 inches wide, but the individual leaves are ready to harvest at just 3½ to 4 inches. Fill flowerpots, patio tubs, and other containers with this quick crop, so you always have kale within reach for delectable eating!

For quick re-leafing, tender rich flavor, and space-saving habit, Prizm is the one you want! No wonder it won a national AAS award. Great for spring, fall, or even winter crops (in mild and warm climates), this variety takes your kale garden to the next level.

For quickest crop, begin the seeds indoors, transplanting after danger of hard frost in early spring, when they have at least 2 sets of true leaves (about 2 weeks after sowing). (For fall crops, transplant when temperature drops in autumn.) Space the plants about 8 to 12 inches apart in sun-soaked, light soil (damp conditions are okay!) or very light/dappled shade, or grow them in containers. Pick the leaves continuously when they reach about 3½ to 4 inches high. Frost only sweetens the flavor! Packet is 50 seeds.