Parks Gourd Seed Collection

Park's Gourd Seed Collection

Gourds in All Shapes and Sizes!

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Designed just for the gourd lover, this economical collection brings you the widest possible selection of varieties at the best possible price. In addition to 6 specialty-shape packets, you get 1 packet of mixed types, so you can be assured of growing every size and shape gourd you have ever wished for! And the price is unbeatable!

There's enough here for all your craft projects, your holiday gifts, and your neighbors and friends! And gourds are so easy to grow and generous with yields, you can experiment with all the interesting varieties in this mix and find some new favorites.

Gourds are squash, easy to grow and vining either upward or across the garden floor. Direct-sow these seeds in the warm spring soil, jsut as you would edible varieties of squash. They make a fine part of a Three Sisters planting, and are a great cover-up for rusted chain-link fences, bare arbors or trellises, and other vertical supports. They can also scramble across the garden floor, but you may want to grow them vertically to avoid a flat side developing on the fruit, which can happen when they rest on the soil or mulch. (Rot can also be an issue when the fruit comes into contact with moist soil over a long period.)

Native Americans and European pioneers used gourds extensively for everything from water dippers to siphons, bowls, and instruments. People around the world continue to bathe with luffa (loofah) sponges made from gourds, and birds rely on them for particularly cozy, spacious houses! The possibilities are endless with this money-saving collection. 7 packets of seed in all.