Our Best Pepper Collection

Our Best Pepper Collection

Peppery, Sweet, and Juicy -- 4 of Our Best!

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Sweet pepper lovers, rejoice! We have selected 4 of our bestselling varieties for an economical collection that will keep your garden full and your taste buds tingling!

From sweet to mild to spicy varieties, this collection has it all -- not to mention great "plate appeal" from the bright colors and interesting shapes! These are all primarily sweet peppers, suitable for the whole family (no habaneras or jalapenos here!), but each is uniquely flavored for a terrific range of tastes.

For best results, start seeds indoors in late winter in the Bio Dome or seed flats. When the soil has warmed and the seedlings have at least 2 sets of true leaves, they are ready to transplant into the sunny vegetable garden. You will want to offer support for the heavier varieties, such as the Sweet Rainbow Blend, to hold up the big fruits as they ripen!

Pepper plants are useful not only in the vegetable garden but throughout your beds and borders. Strongly fragrant, they discourage many pests from venturing into the garden to nibble foliage. Try surrounding your favorite flowering plant with peppers and see what a difference it makes to the success of the plant!

In this collection you get 4 seed packets. Enjoy!