From sweet to hot, these popular varieties are easy to grow and very productive

Our Best Pepper Collection

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Peppery, Sweet, and Juicy -- 4 of Our Best!

Contains 4 bestsellers: Karma, Sweet Rainbow Mix, Hot Sunset, and Park's Garden Salsa.
Pepper lovers, rejoice! We have selected 4 of our best-selling varieties for an economical collection that will keep your garden full and your taste buds tingling! From sweet to mild to hot varieties, this collection has it all -- not to mention great "plate appeal" from the bright colors and interesting shapes!

In this collection you get 1 packet each of Peppers Karma, Sweet Rainbow Mix, Hot Sunset, and Park's Garden Salsa. Each of these is an all-star in its own right, and together they make a gourmet pepper patch the likes of which you've never grown before!

Karma is our best-selling pepper of all time. A sweet bell, it is big and blocky, with huge yields. But its best merit is its flavor: sweet, crunchy, and crisp, with just a hint of spice. Unbelievable!

Sweet Rainbow Mix was a sensation when it was introduced about 20 years ago, and the furor has never really died down! Supermarkets charge a fortune for unusually colored bells -- the ivories and browns, the purples and near-blacks -- because they don't keep as well and won't always turn colors when picked green, so they can't be transported as effectively. But in your garden, they're every bit as easy to grow as plain old green bells, and so much livelier on the plate and the palate!

Hot Sunset is an award-winning banana pepper that finishes fast and delivers up to 20 peppers on every plant! Especially valuable for the north, midwest, and southeast, where many peppers do poorly, this 2015 All-America Selection is deliciously sweet yet hot, clocking in at 650 Scovilles. Great for canning, too!

Park's Garden Salsa is a mildly hot (3,000 Scovilles) chili pepper that can be picked green or red and used in salsa, sauce, pickles, and all manner of spicy-hot delicacies! It is a generous producer and very easy to grow. You get 1 packet of each of these peppers in this collection, for a total of 4.

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Additional Characteristics
Light Requirements
Full Sun
Soil Tolerance
Normal,  loamy
Cuisine, Outdoor
Things You May Need:
Tomato and Pepper Tree Park's Original Bio Dome 60 Cell Seed Starter