Top Begonia Seed Collection

Top Begonia Seed Collection

Wax Leaf, Tuberous, Angel Wing, and More!

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The world of Begonias has changed dramatically in the past few years, and this collection brings you the absolute best of modern breeding with 5 stellar varieties. You get an angel wing, a tuberous type, a wax type, a trailer, and a blend of angel wing and fibrous! There are enough seeds here to fill all your shade containers and bedding needs -- and then some!

Begonias are not difficult to begin from seed, but they can take their time germinating, which has led some folks to consider them fussy. They really aren't -- they are just hard to keep to a schedule! The newer varieties (BIG, Santa Cruz, Dragon Wing) should be quicker than the traditional classics (Nonstop and Pizzazz), but all will sprout and grow very dependably for you.

We often begin begonia seed right after Christmas, which gives the seeds plenty of germination time and lets the young plants reach a good size before being transplanted into the warm spring garden. Begonias are also very easy to root from cuttings; just clip the stems neatly at an angle, dust with rooting hormone, and set into a pot of fresh potting soil or (better yet) the 18-cell Whopper Bio Dome. Mist until the roots begin to form, then water and grow on as usual. New plants from old!

This collection contains 5 packets. You are going to love it!