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Customer Favorites Vegetable Seed Collection

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Our Top 9 Veggies of All Time!

9 of the best, including a bean, pea, corn, squash, lettuce, pepper, melon, and 2 tomatoes!
We are delighted to offer you a great deal on our most popular varieties of vegetables! This bestselling collection contains 9 of our very best, attractively priced so that you can fill your veggie garden with the very best of Park products. Here's what you get:

Bean Prevail is simply the most productive bush bean we have ever grown, setting so many beans in our trial gardens that we had to pick it 6 times! Incredible yields are just the beginning for this heat-tolerant variety, which sets very uniform dark green pods packed with yummy seeds. Easy to grow even in poor soils and determined to continue blooming and fruiting even when temperatures climb into the 90's, Prevail is the bean to try this season!

Squash Contender Hybrid is a relatively new zucchini that has simply swept the market! It offers heavier yields of darkest green fruit than Park's Sable Beauty (the previous favorite), and the flavor is amazing.

Corn Bicolor Mirai 301BC is one of the revolutionary Mirai varieties that have changed the way we grow corn. Much, much, much more tender and sweeter than others, it has become THE talking-point of roadside stands across the country. You won't believe the flavor, and once you grow it, it's difficult to think about ever growing anything else!

Tomato Park's Whopper CR Improved Hybrid is our all-time bestselling tomato, and has been America's favorite for decades. It's just so easy to grow, with superior disease resistance, big yields, large fruit size, and terrific flavor.

Tomato Juliet Hybrid is an unstoppable grape tomato (an elongated version of a cherry tomato, basically) that keeps producing and producing and PRODUCING all summer long. The flavor is great, the quality of the fruit top-notch, and the yields spectacular.

Cantaloupe Ambrosia Hybrid is a melon you will smell long before you taste it. Ambrosia is the perfect name, because this aromatic melon is mouthwatering. And with its smaller seed cavity, you get a few extra bites in every delicious globe.

Lettuce Summer Glory Blend is a mix of 7 delicious varieties, all easy to grow and slow to bolt. In this blend you'll get crispheads, loose leaves, and romaines, including a butterhead and an iceberg variety. Our customers have grown and adored this mix for many years, which stands up to warmer weather than almost any others!

Snap Pea Super Sugar Snap starts early and stays late, delivering huge loads of ultra-sweet, stringless peas on vigorous plants. If you can't get enough of homegrown peas -- we know we never can! -- this is the one you must try.

And in the huge world of Bell Peppers, Karma Hybrid stands head and blocky shoulders above all others! We introduced this pepper just over a decade ago, and it became an immediate success that has only increased in popularity. Many of our customers grow ONLY Karma in their bell pepper gardens, regardless of all the fancy newcomers each season. Its secret is flavor, flavor, and more flavor -- but it also wins admiration for its glossy skin, big blocky size, and thick, juicy walls. An all-around perfect bell, green or red!

This collection contains the most remarkable and successful varieties of all the hundreds we offer each season. Take advantage of the great savings and exceptional quality of these 9 varieties! Order today! 9 seed packets.

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