Deluxe Start Up Vegetable Garden Seed Collection

Deluxe Start Up Vegetable Garden Seed Collection

Contains 3 Seasons of Delicious Eating!

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Here it is: your best value in vegetable gardening! Perfect for the average-sized vegetable patch, this collection contains all the varieties you need in quantities to provide you with delicious, nutritious eating from spring through fall (and even into winter if you live in a mild to warm climate!). We've carefully selected the optimal blend of classic varieties and exciting new introductions, all guaranteed to thrive in a wide range of garden conditions and every one, without exception, absolutely delicious!

In this collection you get the must-haves of any vegetable garden, such as Park's Whopper Tomato and Park's All-Season Burpless Cucumber. You also get blends, including our bestselling Master Chef Blend Lettuce, a mix of fiery-hot Peppers, and a Summer Squash Medley. And we have even included some space-saving varieties, such as Radish Cherriette and Spinach Space.

But the #1 criterion for this collection is ease of growth, and you will find every one of these varieties very eager to sprout, grow, and fruit. There is something for every gardener here, and more importantly, each variety can be used no matter where you live. There's never been a value like it!

This collection contains 37 packets of seed representing 20 types of vegetables. And if you have space for a larger garden, we offer the same 25 varieties in our Extra-large Vegetable Garden Collection, which contains 2 packets of every variety (for a total of 50). We also have a more compact size: the Great Start Collection, with 1 packet of each variety (for a total of 25 packets).

Here is just a little more about each variety. Unless noted, you get 1 packet of each:

Bean Jade -- 2 packets -- is a straight bean that grows up to 7 inches long on upright, disease-resistant plants. Pkt is 2 oz (about 150 seeds).

Beet Detroit Dark Red is a classic favorite, good for canning as well as fresh eating. The industry standard for size, color, and flavor, it never lets you down. Pkt is 200 seeds, which sows about 10 feet of row.

Broccoli Castle Dome Hybrid replaces the old favorite Packman with earlier maturity, greater heat tolerance, and improved versatility. Use these compact plants for florets, crown cuts, and/or bunching! Ready in no time, it sets new side shoots all season long. And the flavor is unbeatable. Pkt is 100 seeds.

Cabbage Gonzales Hybrid is a mini-cabbage, just right to feed two people a delectable main course! Measuring 6 inches in diameter, these heads are compact enough to grow in large containers as well as the garden bed. Pkt is 50 seeds.

Cantaloupe Ambrosia Hybrid lives up to its name with every super-sweet, melt-in-your-mouth succulent bite. A small seed cavity means more yummy flesh. This is a trusted classic you will want to grow every year! Pkt is 25 seeds.

Carrot Romance Hybrid finishes quickly, setting straight, blunt-ended dark orange roots with almost no core. This Nantes type is crisp and crunchy, best harvested at about 6 inches. Lush leafy tops, too! Pkt is 200 seeds.

Cauliflower Amazing solves a problem that has plagued gardeners: what to do when those huge harvests of cauliflower come in all at once? These 10-inch heads, well protected by wrapper leaves, hold and hold, so you can harvest them when you're ready to eat them. Yum! Pkt is 75 seeds.

Cucumber Homemade Pickles is a new sensation, bred just for pickling! The fruit can be harvested at 1½ inches long for gherkins or left to mature to 5 or 6 inches for full dills or spears. Solid, crisp flesh makes a delicious bite. Pkt is 30 seeds.

Cucumber Sir Crunch a Lot Hybrid extends your cuke season by continuing to bear 8- to 10-inch cukes long after others have stopped for the season. Bitter-free and boasting a small seed cavity, you get an extra bite or two of deliciousness from every fruit! And the yields are always huge, thanks to this plant's resistance to cucumber mosaic virus, leaf spot, and blight/target spot. Pkt is 15 seeds.

Eggplant Amadeo Hybrid is the heaviest-yielding variety we know, so it's good that it's also among the most delicious. Never bitter and always succulent, these dark purple to black fruits are glossy, firm, and scrumptious. Pkt is 30 seeds.

Green Onion Parade is tops for vigor, setting crunchy-spicy tops every time. You'll always get huge yields, and once you've tasted Parade, you'll never be able to settle for anything less. Pkt is 1,000 seeds.

Kale White Russian is a tender, sweet, delightfully cold-hardy Russian Kale. It tolerates wet soils better than any other variety we have seen, with light frost improving its flavor still further. Each leaf is deeply cut and frilled, with a gray-green base and white veins. A heavy producer, it reaches 2 feet tall, but can be picked at just 21 days for baby greens. Good for spring, fall, and winter crops. Pkt is 100 seeds.

Lettuce Jericho Hybrid -- 2 packets -- was bred in Israel, so you know it can stand up to heat. This is a Romaine with heads weighing up to 3 pounds each, simply packed with rich leaves. Good in containers as well as the garden. Pkt is 200 seeds.

Lettuce Master Chef Blend -- 2 packets -- is our signature mix of 4 Looseleaf varieties, 1 Butterhead, and 1 Romaine type. The lettuces complement one another fabulously, guaranteeing you crunchy, tender, flavorful salads all season. Pkt is 1/32-oz., which is 600+ seeds.

Mustard Savanna Hybrid is the absolute earliest, ready in an astonishing 20 days with big, bright green leaves packed with flavor. If you can't harvest all at once, no problem: it holds beautifully. Pkt is 1/16 oz. (about 350 seeds).

Pea Super Sugar Snap is the sweetest Snap ever grown, and it produces so heavily that you'll get plenty of chance to sample these delicious pods. Pkt is 2 oz (160 seeds), which sows 10 to 12 feet of row.

Pepper Big Bertha PS Hybrid -- 2 packets -- is a giant of a green bell, with thick-walled, juicy-crisp fruit perfect for stuffing, chopping, sauteing, and eating fresh. A favorite for decades, it has never been bettered! Pkt is 15 seeds.

Pepper Fire Mix -- 2 packets -- is a mix of 4 hot pepper types: Ancho, Cayenne, Jalapeno, and Habanero. They range from mildly hot to fiery-inferno spicy, to satisfy the palate of everyone in your family! Pkt is 25 seeds.

Radish Cherriette Hybrid -- 2 packets -- is ready in just over 3 weeks after sowing, with glowing crimson roots filled with mild, crisp white flesh. Quick and easy to grow indoors or out! Pkt is 400 seeds.

Spinach Space Hybrid -- 2 packets -- is so quick to mature that you can grow it 3 seasons a year in almost any climate! Pkt is 400 seeds.

Squash Waltham Butternut Organic is "the" name in butternuts, and has been since winning the All-America Selection way back in 1970. The secret is its versatility: you can harvest these huge, tan, light-bulb shaped fruits young as summer squash, or let them mature more fully (105 days from sowing the seed) and store them as winter squash. Either way, the flavor is unbeatable. We're proud to be able to offer Waltham as organic seed. Pkt is 20 seeds.

Squash Summer Medley Hybrid Blend -- 2 packets -- contains 2 varieties of zucchini, a yellow straightneck, and a pale green Mediterranean type -- all the various flavors of sweet summer squash in one economical packet of seeds! Heavy yields and delicious eating! Pkt is 20 seeds.

Swiss Chard Bright Lights -- 2 packets -- is another edible ornamental, boasting stalks in neon-bright shades of pink, maroon, gold, orange, and ivory below yummy dark green leaves. A bestseller ever since it was introduced, it defines "plate appeal"! Pkt is 125 seeds.

Tomato Juliet is an AAS winner that sets fruit larger than a grape tomato yet smaller than a Roma (sauce) variety. The flavor is extraordinary, whether you choose to eat these tomatoes f