ProEasy Herb Seed Collection

ProEasy Herb Seed Collection

All the ProEasy Herbs for One Low Price!

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We are delighted to offer home herb gardeners a collection of varieties that were originally developed for professional growers seeking the best quality culinary herbs from untreated, open-pollinated seed! Each of the ProEasy varieties was selected for huge yields, ease of germination, and great flavor. We think they are the absolute best on the market!

In this collection you receive six 1,000-seed packets: 2 of basil and 1 each of the other ProEasy herbs: chives, dill, thyme, and parsley. Proven successful in a wide range of climates and garden conditions, ProEasy Herbs excel in all of the following areas:

• Strong, rich flavor

• Ease of growth in the home garden

• Ease of harvest

• High germination rate

• Superb disease tolerance/resistance

• Great color

• Uniform plant size.

Give the ProEasies a try in your garden this season, share seeds with friends, and then tell us what you think. We believe you will be amazed at the difference these premium varieties make to your yields, ease of care, and flavor satisfaction. ProEasy is the best thing that's ever happened to herbs in the home garden! 6 packets in all, each with 1,000 seeds.