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Professional Landscaper Kneepads
Bends with Your Knees for Super Comfort

Professional Landscaper Kneepads

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Sit back on your heels and relax in the garden!

Won't cut off your circulation or lock you into a bent-forward position.
Simply the best kneepads we have ever used -- and we believe we've tried them all! -- these Landscaper gems not only won't cut off your circulation or make your back cry out, they actually feel good! Instead of working against the natural bend of your knees, they move with you, so you can even sit back on your heels and work in the garden, taking the pressure off your back, shoulders, and arms. Landscaper Kneepads have put the pleasure back into a day in the garden for thousands of gardeners with knee problems!

These pads bend with your knee without jutting upwards (and thus slipping off the knee) or cutting off your circulation like a tourniquet. It features an inner lining of sponge that adds layers of soft comfort between you and the rocky soil, and a Cool Max® liner that wicks away moisture while you work, so that when you stand up, you aren't taking half the garden soil and most of its water with you! The cover removes easily from the padding for washing, and lasts a long, long time. Very economical, they can transform the way you feel in the garden -- and that is worth just about anything to us dedicated gardeners!

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