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Queen of the Night Tulip  - Pack of 8
Deep velvety color and a silky sheen create a beautiful effect!
07906-pk-8.jpgQueen of the Night Tulip  - Pack of 8

Queen of the Night Tulip - Pack of 8

Pack of 8
Item # 07906-PK-8
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Interplant with light-colored Tulips for a dazzling contrast!

The closest yet to pure black!
Just as elusive as a true blue Rose, black Tulips are as rare as they get. In a bewitching shade never seen before (and perhaps never to be captured again!), 'Queen of Night' offers up velvety blooms of a rich, sultry purple so dark as to appear black beside lighter blooms. This single early tulip is an heirloom from 1944, and to this day there is still no other tulip that can quite match the dramatic impact of its silky purple-black blooms!

'Queen of the Night', ironically, is a sun-lover. Plant it in a sunny spot with excellent drainage. Compacted or heavy clay soils tend to hold standing water, so amend these with grit, compost, or soil conditioner. Hailing from the Dutch bulb market, this Tulip is adapted to serious winters, and requires a bit of cold weather for proper vernalization.

Plant 'Queen of the Night' about 8 inches deep, but dig the hole slightly deeper so that you can add some grit like crushed gravel. This grit will help you achieve the drainage that is vital for tulip beds, and will also deter pests like rodents, which love to eat the bulbs. Water the bulbs in after planting, to help them break out of dormancy, but afterwards this tulip prefers dry conditions, and only needs watered if the weather becomes exceptionally hot and dry. Your yard, garden, and vase will thank you for the gorgeous display that follows! Pack of 8. Zones 3 to 8.

Genus Tulipa
Variety 'Queen of the Night'
Item Form Pack of 8
Zone 3 - 8
BloomStartToEnd Late Spring - Early Summer
PlantHeight 20 in - 24 in
PlantWidth 4 in - 6 in
Bloom Color Dark Burgundy
Light Requirements Full Sun
Uses Baskets, Beds, Border, Containers, Cut Flowers, Ornamental
Restrictions Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Hawaii
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