Queens Circle Tall Bearded Iris

Queen's Circle Tall Bearded Iris

Perfect Form and Color!

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Queen's Circle is considered by many experts to be an almost perfect Tall Bearded Iris. The colors are exquisite, the form beautiful, and the performance in garden and vase matchless. Complementing all the blues, purples, whites, and yellows of the Iris garden, Queen's Circle is a must-have anyway, but there is something so over-the-top perfect about this variety that it has won more than half a dozen major awards -- well, ALL the major Iris awards! -- and continues to be a favorite in every climate.

This flower is known as a plicata style, meaning that it boasts an edge along the lower petals (the "falls"). Many Tall Beardeds are plicatas, but few are as exquisitely beautiful as the watercolor shading of palest blue to deep violet that forms the narrow border of Queen's Circle's white falls!

The "standards" (the top petals, which point straight up) of Queen's Circle are pure white, wonderfully ruffled. And between the standards and falls are the beards, which shade from neon-orange to nearly white! Exquisite!

Queen's Circle is a petite Tall Bearded, just 32 inches high, but it has excellent staying power. It flowers from mid to late season, its long-lasting blooms making superb cuts and its white tones helping neighboring colors to glow more brightly.

Introduced in 2000 by breeder Frederick Kerr from a cross of Victoria Circle x Christiana Baker, Queen's Circle immediately began to gather honors and awards. Among those we are aware of are: Honorable Mention from the American Iris Society in 2002, Award of Merit from the American Iris Society in 2004, Walther Cup Award in 2002, Franklin Cook Cup in 2005, Wister Medal in 2006, and the Dykes Medal in 2007. That's the royal flush of big Iris awards, and then some!

Like all Tall Beardeds, Queen's Circle appears in late spring or early summer, depending on how far north you are and how sunny your weather is. It loves full sunshine everywhere but the deep South, and once established, it's quite drought tolerant. Deer and rabbits and other nibbling creatures leave it alone, and it's quite trouble-free, asking only to be divided into new plants every few years to keep the bloom strength up.

The Tall Beardeds make wonderful companions to Daylilies in the border, usually beating them into bloom by just a few weeks, and often overlapping delightfully. You will admire this lovely cultivar for many years to come! Zones 3-8.