Made with fragrant botanical oils and food grade ingredients

Rabbit Repellent Spray (32 oz.)

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No poisons, harmful chemicals or toxic glues

A complex mixture of essential oils and other ingredients designed to break down at different rates
Most people aren't sure if the damage to their plants is caused by rabbits or deer. The first thing we look for is the damage left behind. If it's a finer cut and not a ripped looking cut then you probably have rabbits. Rabbits will cut the stalk down and devour your beautiful plants very quickly.

Protecting your plants is as easy as spraying with this all natural Rabbit Repellent. The first spraying should be a thorough one, make sure you cover your plants with a fine mist mostly along the lower areas. After that it's a simple matter of touching up once or twice a month to keep the protection at full strength. Ready to use 32 oz. trigger spray bottle covers up to 1,000 sq ft.

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32 oz spray bottle
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