Radiance Salmon Morn Petunia Seeds

Radiance Salmon Morn Petunia Seeds

Exceptional Heat and Humidity Tolerance, Unusual Bloom Color!

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Gardeners in the deep south, the southwest, the midwest, and beyond -- here is a petunia grown just for you! Radiance is being called a "hotunia" for its extreme tolerance of heat and humidity. When others begin to droop in July, Radiance shines right through!

This trailing type is an everbloomer, beginning in late spring or early summer and continuing right through to autumn in mild and warm climates. The flowers are large and beautifully colored -- 2 to 3 inches wide, they sport slightly ruffled, wide-open petals that shade from a soft salmon (with hints of peach) at the edges to pure white at the base. And not only do these blooms arise on the long, glorious trailing stems of this plant, they also continue to set in the center, giving Radiance an appearance of bushiness that is very welcome in late summer, when many trailing petunias are looking rather threadbare.

Expect Radiance to reach 6 to 8 inches high and to cascade 30 to 36 inches over the sides of baskets, windowboxes, and tall planters. It's lovely in a combination planting, but has enough color and texture to carry the day as a stand-alone, too!

And Radiance is quick and easy to grow from our pelleted seed. Germination typically takes less than a week, and within a month the seedlings are ready to be transplanted outdoors. From there they really take off, blooming just 35 to 45 days later! Radiance is highly disease resistant, so you get more flowering stems than ever, banked by healthy bright green foliage that looks great all season.

We're excited about the possibilities for a truly high-heat-resistant petunia! Give Radiance a go in your garden or on the patio this season, and tell us how it worked for you! Packet is 10 pelleted seeds.