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Rain Wizard 50 Stand Oak

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Increase Your Flow!

This stand gives elevation to your Rain Barrel, increasing water pressure on hoses and making it easy to fill up a bucket.
A lot of rain savers have their spigots halfway up the barrel, which means you can only access half of the water and you have to leave the rest sitting stagnant. But the Rain Wizard 50and other Rain Savers from Good Ideas have their spigots located near the bottom for optimum drainage. The lower spigot, however, makes it hard to fill buckets and requires the use of a hose to move water. Many people solve this problem on their own using cinder blocks, but this matching Rain Wizard Stand is a much more attractive and stable solution.

Simply place the Stand under the downspout that you want to collect water from, then install your Rain Wizard or other rain barrel. The stand is designed to fit the rounded front and flat back of any Good Ideas 50 gallon barrels, with a groove so the barrel locks right into place. Now you can enjoy increased pressure and flow and fill barrels easily. It's like having a pump in your rain barrel, and it looks great against your home, too!

The durable polyethylene stands up to both weight and weather. The resin resist fading and cracking, and the sound design supports the weight of a full rain barrel without bulging or bowing. Color: Oak. Dimensions: 12½" Tall x 26½" Long x 20½" Wide. Weight: 10 pounds.

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