Red Flesh Scarlet Surprise™ Apple Tree

Red Flesh Scarlet Surprise™ Apple Tree

Red Through and Through!

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Simply the most ornamental apple we have ever grown, Scarlet Surprise™ earns its name with every fruit, leaf, and bit of bark! The skin of these apples is scarlet, the flesh is deep red, the foliage is tinted red, and even the bark bears maroon-red flushes! Only the big, beautiful pink blooms break the red monopoly!

Scarlet Surprise™ begins the season with plentiful mid-spring flowers that attract the year's earliest bees and butterflies into your garden. The blooms last for several weeks, followed by the fruit as tiny buds. New spring foliage emerges flushed with red, greening out somewhat by summer but still bearing traces of its rosy past!

By late summer, the apples have ripened and are ready to harvest. Scarlet Surprise™ is a generous producer, especially when one or more other apple varieties are grown nearby. (Apples need another variety for pollination.) This semi-dwarf tree reaches just 12 to 16 feet high and wide at maturity, but produces so heavily, you'd expect it to be three times that size!

And the biggest scarlet surprise of all is the red flesh of these apples. It's a deep, rich color, suffused with sugary goodness overlaid with a tart note. It makes great pink applesauce, wonderful pies, and even better fresh eating. And it stores well, so you can keep enjoying the harvest well into winter.

Scarlet Surprise™ thrives in full sun everywhere except the southern and westernmost areas of its hardiness range, where it prefers a bit of shade in the hottest time of day. And it starts bearing fruit just 2 to 3 years after you plant it! You will love this ornamental edible for decades to come in the sunny garden. Zones 4-8.