Revolver 9-pattern Spray Nozzle (Blue)

Revolver 9-pattern Spray Nozzle (Blue)

Mists, Sprays, Soaks, and More!

Revolver 9-pattern Spray Nozzle (Blue) Blue
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Tired of improvising a directed spray by putting your thumb over the end of the hose? We were too, which is why we decided to try this 9-spray nozzle hose attachment. In the past, we had found multiple nozzle settings somewhat disappointing -- the discs tended to become stuck, or the spray gun leaked more water than it sprayed -- but this fine model from Dramm, made in the USA and boasting a lifetime guarantee, is exactly what we were looking for, and we believe you will find it perfect for all your outdoor watering tasks.Made of sturdy metal and reinforced with an ergonomically friendly insulated grip, Revolver is heavy-duty yet lightweight. The spray patterns can be changed quickly and easily, and Revolver attaches easily to any standard hose.

You can use Revolver for anything from washing the car to finely misting a tender plant. The 9 settings are as follows:

• fan• cone• center• jet• mist• soak• flat• angle• shower

So whether you need to drench your trees and shrubs, mist the ferns, or gently shower newly-transplanted seedlings, the Revolver spray watering gun is the tool you will want. You'll find that you waste less water and get chores finished more quickly and accurately with this nozzle . . . and there's no denying that it's simply fun to use! The bright blue accents keep it from blending in too completely with the lawn or the soil, too.

This spray gun measure 7 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 6 inches high, and weighs about a pound. Order several; you will want to stuff the stockings of your favorite gardeners with this nifty little tool!