No more wondering when plants are ready to transplant!

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For big, healthy, well-rooted plants from seed or cuttings, look no further than Rootrainers™! And it's so much fun -- with this rooting system, you can actually watch the progress of your plants anytime you want just by opening one side of the 4-celled unit! If you grow much of your garden from seed or cuttings, or grow large seed that do not fit in small-plug seed starting units, this is the tray you want!

Each cell of this 32-cell tray is 1 1/2 inches square and 5 inches deep -- that's enough room to let you really get started on a substantial root system before transplanting into the garden or container! Just fill each cell with your choice of potting medium, water in, plant your seed or rooted cutting, and wait. The cells of Rootrainers™ are grooved, encouraging roots to grow straight down and away from the plant instead of spiraling around. This makes for easier transplant and much larger, better-branched root systems!

When your plants are ready for transplant, you will see their roots "trained" along the outside of the cell and dangling free at the bottom, just waiting to take off in your garden or container! Endlessly reusable, these trays will save you time and money as you grow larger, healthier plants, with fewer losses from strangled roots, premature transplant, and other pitfalls of traditional indoor seed-starting kits.

Compact and easy to store, Rootrainers™ are just what you need to grow the garden of a lifetime!