Roselily Oriental Lily Mix - pack of 5

Roselily Oriental Lily Mix - pack of 5

Compact, Pollen-free, and So Double they're Triple!

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Who says there's nothing new under the sun? Meet the Roselilies, the latest and greatest arrivals in Oriental Lilies. This series is called "double flowered," but frankly, with each bloom sporting 18 petals, they are really triples! Compact enough for containers, they have a light, sweet, pleasing scent rather than the heavy musk associated with other Oriental lilies, and none of the pollen. In other words, they are an all-around improvement -- and we'd like to offer you five different varieties for one low price in this collection!

Reaching just 2 to 3 feet high, these summer bloomers are great for the front to middle of the sunny border, large containers, and just about any other garden spot that needs some color and fragrance. They set long, elegant buds that open to massive, petal-packed blooms known to reach 5 or even 6 inches wide when fully extended. Breathtaking!

And unlike other Oriental Lilies, which some people find too strongly scented to bring indoors, the Roselilies have a lighter, sweeter, less musky aroma that just about everyone adores. They are pollen-free, so you don't get those stains on the table around the vase, and allergy sufferers can breathe deeply in their presence! Roselilies are so much more "user friendly" than their cousins, they should almost be considered a new type of lily altogether!

This collection contains 5 complementary colors in the Roselily family, so you can plant them together and create stunning cut-flower bouquets with the blooms. Meet the Roselilies (one of each):

Natalia is a clear pink, lightly edged in white and sporting a chartreuse to key-lime throat.

Annika is a pale key lime edged in white, often sporting darker green stripes on the petals.

Elena sports a darker pink, offset with a yellow-green throat.

Carolina is a gleaming white with a primrose-yellow throat.

Belonica is a candy shade of pink, edged in shell-pink.

All bloom from midsummer to late summer in full sun to very light shade. And like other Oriental Lilies, the Roselilies will increase in plant size, bud count, and bloom size over time, so your display gets better and better with each passing year. Start your Roselily garden this season! Zones 3-8. Pack of 5.