Rosemary and Olive Tree Duo

Rosemary and Olive Tree Duo

Fragrant, Evergreen, and Simply Charming!

Set of 2 Clay
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What's better than a gift that you're actually going to use in your daily life? Socks might not be the most exciting gift, but we use them! These herbs are a little more exciting than socks, and they're just as functional! The rosemary and olive tree will smell amazing, and you can use these herbs in just about any dish, so this pair is the perfect gift for your friend who loves to be in the kitchen!

The rosemary and olive tree come in separate pots that have plenty of room for the plants to thrive. Each plant is 9½ inches tall and sits in a 4 inch pot. The decorative clay pots are traditional in materials, but we put a twist on the tradition with a really cool shape. The pots are curvy, adding to their appeal, and adding that little extra to the plants.

These plants can be grown indoors or outside, and you don't have to water them too much. Allow the soil to dry slightly between watering, and the rosemary and olive tree will thrive! The pair enjoys a lot of sunshine.