Tricolor European Beech

Tricolor European Beech

Astonishing Color Changes!

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Create a landmark on your property that also becomes a legacy for future generations. The Tricolor European Beech tree is a magnificent specimen, a spreading shade tree with exceptional purple foliage, handsome gray bark, and spectacular autumn leaf color changes. If you are looking for a focal point for the garden, please consider this beautiful tree.

The Tricolor Beech gets its name from its remarkable leaves. They are a rich, deep shade of rosy pink to purple, with dark violet to black markings. Textured and slightly rippled, each leaf is an individual masterpiece, with no two exactly the same.

The foliage leafs out in brilliant variegated pink and white in spring, quickly acquiring green hues in summer but keeping its overall purple cast. In autumn, a completely new color palette emerges: handsome, almost metallic copper-bronze! The foliage remains in place for many weeks before dropping neatly, revealing the thin, elegant gray bark for winter.

Although the foliage is definitely the star of this tree, it has other lovely features as well. Small yellow flowers in spring give way to edible nuts, making this a tree that birds adore. The silhouette is naturally well shaped, and deer leave the leaves alone.

The European Beech tree has several advantages over the American species. It tolerates a bit of shade, and is certainly more amendable to dry soils, though it prefers consistent moisture, especially when young. It's also smaller, reaching 25 to 35 feet high over a decade or more of growth, and spreading 18 to 25 feet for a lovely shade canopy. Expect the central trunk to reach 2 to 3 feet in diameter, and the leaves just about 4 inches long. A stunning specimen for years of beauty! Zones 4-7.