Red Fox Katsura

Red Fox Katsura

Fragrant Fall Foliage!

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Every season brings a beautiful new look to Red Fox, a dwarf Katsura tree for sun to partial shade. A stunning specimen planting to consider for a place of honor in your landscape, this exceptional tree offers foliage that changes from bronzy-purple to blue-green to brilliant red-orange-gold before dropping for winter!

The new foliage opens in rich shades of burgundy and bronze, really shining in the spring landscape. When the heat of summer arrives, it may go aqua-green for a few months, but quickly turns fiery shades for autumn. Best of all, as the leaves begin to dry out and fall, they release a fragrance that will remind you of burnt sugar! You have just invented autumn in your landscape, ready-made for tailgates, cookouts, and Halloween to Thanksgiving fun!

Red Fox (its original German name is Rotfuchs) is a dwarf variety, but don't let that fool you: it will still reach about 20 to 40 feet high and 20 feet wide over time. Not a good choice for water-starved gardens, it appreciates consistent moisture, especially when young, but can tolerate heavy clay soils. And it's quite low maintenance: you need never prune or do any care beyond admiring its beauty! A legacy planting to be enjoyed by all who see it for decades to come! Zones 4-8.