The Inexpensive, Reliable Way to Start from Seed!

Round 2 1/4 inch Jiffy Pots

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Roots grow through the Jiffy Pot wall to establish in your garden!

Just plant the entire peat moss pot when you transplant the seedling into the garden!
Your Jumbo Bio Planting Block will last a lifetime with these handy, economical Bio Sponges! You get 80 sponges in this refill kit, enough to fill not one but two Bio Domes, or one Whopper Dome!

When you're ready to begin a new crop in the Planting Block, first be sure that the styrofoam block has been thoroughly disinfected (warm water with a splash of bleach is fine). Then soak 40 of the Jumbo Bio Sponges in warm water for a few minutes. They expand, revealing the pre-drilled planting hole at one end. Simply slip one seed into the hole of each Bio Sponge, place the Sponge seed-side-up in the cell of the Planting Block, and you're on your way to another bumper crop of healthy, strong, super-quick seedlings!

You can also purchase a replacement 40 Cell Jumbo Bio Planting Block and 40 Bio Sponges.

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Pack of 26
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