San Francisco Begonia Seeds

San Francisco Begonia Seeds

A New Color for this Heat- and Drought-tolerant Rebloomer!

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Last season we all fell in love with the big, wide-open blooms, handsome foliage, and nonstop flowering of Santa Cruz™ Sunset. Now the same series is back with a brand-new color: soft salmon! These pink-tinged blooms are unlike any other trailing begonia we have seen, and San Francisco boasts the same continuous bloom and terrific heat and drought tolerance of its cousin! Welcome this new hanging basket standout to your patio, deck, and garden this season!

With longer, slender, widely spaced petals, these blooms sport a pastel shade of salmon-pink that is unique and beautiful. They reach 2 to 3 inches wide for most of their season, eventually opening fully to about 5 inches wide before dropping. The bloom season begins in late spring in most areas and continues throughout summer and fall, halting only when the plant is nipped back by frost. Incredible flower power!

And San Francisco looks good even out of bloom. The foliage is large, arrow-shaped, and neatly serrated, with pronounced, uniform veins that give it a pleated appearance. Very striking, even from a distance, it makes the perfect backdrop to the soft salmon flowers.

Set San Francisco in full sun in cooler climates, but give it a bit of afternoon shade farther south and west. It is primarily known for its heat tolerance, but given a little pampering in spring, it is quite resistant to drought, too. And you'll love how quickly it bounces back from rainstorms and wind!

San Francisco germinates more quickly than most other begonias. Expect it to take 7 to 14 days at 70 to 73 degrees F, and be sure to leave it uncovered, for it needs light to germinate. High humidity is a plus too -- cover your seed flat with plastic wrap, or leave the Bio Dome with its dome on and its vents closed while the seeds sprout. Once the seedlings appear, lower the temperature a bit (68 to 70 is ideal) and let air circulate. As the seedlings grow, you can lower the temperature still further to 64 to 68 degrees F.

Plan about 10 to 12 weeks from sowing to transplanting, and be sure to keep the seedlings indoors until all danger of frost is past.

You will love how tireless a bloomer San Francisco really is -- not to mention its new color! Give this trailing begonia a try in baskets and tall planters this season! Pkt is 10 pelleted seeds.