Sapphire Indigo Clematis

Sapphire Indigo Clematis

No Need to Prune this Dwarf Beauty!

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Plant Patent #17,012. Cultivar name: 'Cleminov51'

Well, here is a unique and really beautiful Clematis every garden should have. Sapphire Indigo is a naturally petite variety that will form a billowy, rounded mound of foliage and flowers if left to its own devices, perfect for spilling out of containers and over walls. It may also be trained up a small trellis, where it can reach 4 feet high. Technically a Pruning Group II variety, we have found that it really needs little to no pruning to continue its blooms year after year. Incredible!

Clematis is one of nature's most beautiful plants, but nobody would call it low maintenance. It takes a few seasons to become established, and needs its top in sun and its bottom in shade -- meaning full sun with plenty of mulch to keep the soil moist and the temperature constant. So far, so good. But most Clematis fall into one of several pruning groups, each with very specific requirements. Sapphire Indigo, on the other hand, doesn't mind missing its annual late-winter trim! These blooms will keep coming regardless!

And such blooms they are! Four inches wide and very long-petaled, they look dipped in indigo ink! And there are so many, over such a long summer season!

Sapphire Indigo arose from crosses of two species of Clematis, and the famous old variety The President forms part of its heritage, so you know its pedigree is impeccable. It makes a fine container specimen, but also thrives as a groundcover in a large planting, or as an accent in the border. Expect it to reach about 4 feet high if trained as a climber, somewhat shorter and wider as a groundcover or trailer! Zones 5 to 9.