Sapphire Indigo Clematis

Sapphire Indigo Clematis

Compact, Long-blooming, and Non-Climbing!

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Enjoy stunning masses of large sapphire blue flowers all summer long! Sapphire Indigo makes an exotic purple-blooming groundcover shrub, but looks best climbing up a small support or trailing from a hanging basket. This beauty looks dipped in indigo ink -- even the stamens are rich purple color!

This inter-specific hybrid is a cross between C. integrifolia 'Olgae' x 'The President.' Sapphire Indigo was developed for its very compact habit, its extra-long and ultra-profuse bloom period, and its resistance to withering and wilting. This Clematis makes a fine container specimen, its long, deeply-divided sepals curling back to reveal deeply dyed stamens. Blooms begin in early summer, continue for up to 5 months, and often linger well into fall.

Clematis is easy to grow in a rich, porous, alkaline soil with plenty of room for the roots to spread. Best performance is when the tops are in full sunlight and the roots are shaded, so apply a generous mulch or a shallow-rooted ground cover near the base of the vine. Very reliable performers once established, they take a season or two to get going.

Sapphire Indigo is an incredibly compact variety. Technically, it should not require pruning, but if you want to make it stockier and even freer-flowering, we recommend giving it a good hard prune to the ground in late winter (Pruning Group 3). It has a bushy habit that reaches about 3 feet high and wide, but will not vine upwards or outwards like other Clematis species. A new look for a classic favorite -- so versatile and trouble-free! Zones 5 to 9.