Shade Kit for Hobby Greenhouse

Shade Kit for Hobby Greenhouse

Protect Your Greenhouse Plants from Excessive Sun!

Shade Kit for Hobby Greenhouse Cloth and Fasteners
Item # 37705
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Designed to fit perfectly into the Americana, Harmony, and Essence Greenhouses, this shade cloth and fasteners (which double as plant hangers) enables you to protect your greenhouse plants from excessive sunlight during vulnerable parts of the day. Easy to install, it blocks 30% of the sunlight.

No matter how you position your greenhouse, there will probably be one side that gets too much sun at a certain part of the day -- early morning or late afternoon being the usual culprits. The shade cloth solves all that by fastening effortlessly into the interior frame of the greenhouse using SmartLock connectors (10 are included). These connectors just happen to be the perfect size and shape for hanging baskets, so you have the added benefit of more useable space when you add the shade cloth to your greenhouse!

The shade cloth measures 86.5 inches by 79 inches, the perfect size to fit over the panels of the Americana, Harmony, and Essence greenhouses. Fold it over for less coverage, and when you no longer need it in the greenhouse, use it to shade plants you are hardening off prior to planting in the garden! Versatile and very long-lasting, it is made of durable, high impact woven material.

The Shade Kit contains one piece of shade cloth and 10 SmartLock connectors.