Silver Dollar Hydrangea

'Silver Dollar' Hydrangea

A Compact Peegee with Oversized Blooms!

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You will simply fall in love with this elegance and class of this hydrangea. This shrub may be more compact than some of its larger cousins, but that simply allows the Hydrangea Silver Dollar to produce a robust plethora of gorgeous flower blooms. You will be intoxicated with the delicate clusters of snow white flowers that grow out of the tips of this shrubs strong stems that never flop or droop to the ground. Moreover, this shrub digs roots firmly into the ground so that it remains healthy without the need of too much maintenance, and is also clod resistant so you can plant it in the early spring season. This shrub has won awards for its beauty, so you know it will dazzle your neighbors with its abundant blooms throughout the summer season.Zones 3 to 8.