Silver Parrot Tulip - Pack of 10

Silver Parrot Tulip - Pack of 10

Twisty, Frilly Petals with Silvery Gleams!

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There is no finer finale to tulip season than a show of parrot tulips, and Silver Parrot is one of the boldest and most breathtaking of all! These flowers open fully 7 inches wide, their thick, waxy petals boasting pink and magenta tones swirled and overlaid with silvery white. Add frilly edges and a twisty, curly shape, and you have a bloom that really does resemble the wings of a tropical bird taking flight!

Silver Parrot is a Division 9 Tulip, very long-lasting on thick, sturdy stems. Because of the unique way in which its petals are held outwards, it is best cut for indoor display, where it will last longer and can be enjoyed up close. What a remarkable combination of colors and form!

This spring-blooming bulb is easy to grow in deep, well-drained, sandy soil enriched with organics. The sturdy stems reach 12 to 18 inches high, with wide leaves held well below the blooms. Make your garden a tropical paradise next spring by planting Silver Parrot this fall! Zones 3-8.