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Simply Silica Natural Plant Health Booster
Improves Harvests and Helps Plants Stay Healthy!

Simply Silica Natural Plant Health Booster

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Soluble silicon and chloride-free potassium build stronger stems!

Helps build better soil that can improve plants' tolerance of environmental stresses.
This premium Potassium Silicate supplement will help you grow the perfect garden! The Simply Silica Natural Plant Health Booster helps build better soil that can improve plants' tolerance of environmental stresses, including heat, cold, drought, and water and soil toxicity and deficiency.

It is an excellent source of soluble silicon for plants as well as a chloride-free source of potassium that promotes stronger stems for a heavy harvest. Silica is a natural alkaline product and is safe to use as a smart alternative to pH-up.

This supplement decreases environmental stresses, improves stem strength for heavy harvests, harmonizes nutrient uptake and distribution, reduces the negative effects of excess nutrients and salt, is chloride-free, and is safe for reservoirs and nutrient-holding tanks. It's ideal for fruits, vegetables, annuals, and hydroponics. It was created by Supreme Growers, a company that is dedicated to the ethical development of natural resources by providing quality products for a better, cleaner, more sustainable garden. 8-oz. bottle. Weight: 1 lb.

Directions: Add 8ml (1½ tsp) of Simply Silica to one gallon of water. For best results, use with every watering. Simply Silica is compatible with most nutrients. This 8=oz. bottle makes 30 gallons of solution.

Shipping weight: 1 lb.

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