Single Mat Precise Heat Mat Thermostat Controller

Single Mat Precise Heat Mat Thermostat Controller

Gentle Soil Heat for Germinating Seeds and Overwintering Plants

Item # 35365
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This thermostat is essential to germinating your seeds, growing on your seedlings, and overwintering your tender perennials and tropicals in a cold room. By regulating the precise degree of warmth your heat mat produces, it lets you control soil conditions even n a cold winter room. Rely on it to get great results every time!

The 13-amp controller has an adjustable temperature dial and a bulb sensor that you place right into the soil (or your Bio Dome) to read the temperature. Once you know the temperature, adjust the thermostat to the desired degree, and you're off and running toward your best garden ever!

This thermostat plugs in, needs no maintenance, and lasts for many, many years. Rely on it for accurate results every time! When you're serious about growing indoors in cold weather, there's simply nothing to beat it.

The thermostat includes a ground-fault sensing plug (GFCI) that will turn off the unit if leaking current is detected, so you never waste a watt. It plugs into any outlet, and won't harm finish or paint.

Take the guesswork out of starting seeds and overwintering your precious plants. With this accurate and easy-to-use thermostat, conditions are always perfect for your seeds and plants! 2½-foot cord.

Note: Do you have 2 heat mats that need regulation? We also offer a thermostat that controls up to 2 mats!