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Slug Shield™ Stem Barrier (pack of 6)
Non-toxic, eco-friendly, and long-lasting!
96973-pk-6.jpgSlug Shield™ Stem Barrier (pack of 6)Slug Shield™ Stem Barrier (pack of 6)

Slug Shield™ Stem Barrier (pack of 6)

Pack of 6
Item # 96973-PK-6
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Like a Barbed Wire Fence Against Nibblers!

Great for cutworms, too!
Put away the saucers of beer and cancel the late-night slug extermination party. Now there's a 100% organic, easy, permanent way to keep nibbling slugs, snails, and even cutworms off your plants! Slug Shield™ installs in seconds and lasts season after seasons, protecting your tender plants from destruction!

Slug Shield™ is a loose, flexible coil of intertwined copper wires about 11 inches long. It fastens around the stem of any plant you want to protect from slugs, snails, or cutworms; just wrap it around the stem near the base. (On most plants, it will wrap several times, which is all the better!) A single Slug Shield™ wraps easily around stems up to 4 inches in diameter; for especially large plants such as fruit trees, tie 2 Slug Shields™ together! Slugs and snails are unable to penetrate or cross the copper wire, and they leave your plant alone!

Great for cutworms on tomatoes and other veggies, Slug Shields™ last as long as your plant does -- and they NEVER release toxic chemicals into the soil! They are easy to apply -- a split second does it! -- and will bend and expand as your plants grow. The most successful solutions are usually the simplest, aren't they?! Slug Shield™ is no exception!

In this pack you get 6 Slug Shields™. If you're using them to discourage cutworms, place them right at soil level; otherwise, a bit higher on the stem is better, because it prevents soil and debris from building up around the Slug Shield™. Slug Shields™ are great for Hostas, Dahlias, vegetables of all kinds, fruits, and any annuals and perennials that become targets for nibblers! Try one pack today, and we think you'll order 5 more tomorrow! Pack of 6.

ItemForm Pack of 6
AdditionalCharacteristics Tomato aids
Occasion All Occasion
Restrictions Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
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