Not Only Does it Kill Snails and Slugs, it's Good for the Garden!

Sluggo Plus Molluscicide

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OMRI-Listed, All Organic Alternative to Harmful Chemicals!

Completely safe for pets, wildlife, and vegetables!
Goodbye, snails and slugs! Farewell, scary chemical-based compounds that leave the earth less friendly than they found it, and risk the health of animals and birds! Hello, beautiful garden!

Sluggo® Plus is the safest AND most effective killer and barrier of snails and slugs we have ever used here at Park. Its active ingredient is iron phosphate, which is completely safe for pets and wildlife. (It also contains a small amount of spinosad.) And as it decomposes, it becomes a fertilizer your garden will really appreciate!

Use Sluggo® Plus fearlessly on the lawn, annuals and perennials, berries, fruit, and even veggie plants! You can use it right up to the day of harvesting vegetables. It breaks down quickly and is consumed by snails, slugs, cutworms, roly polies, sow bugs, and earwigs, solving the problem of nibblers quickly. Within 3 days, they are gone, and any Sluggo® Plus not eaten by pests biodegrades back into the soil as iron and phosphate, enriching it. Can't beat that with a stick!

Sluggo® Plus is OMRI-listed and approved by NOP for organic gardening. One pound treats 1,000 to 2,000 square feet of garden. And you apply it once -- it holds up through rainfall and irrigation!

Slugs, snails, cutworms, and other nibblers are very destructive to annual flowering plants and vegetables as well as costly perennials, including Hostas. Most gardeners put up with them rather than apply invasive chemical metaldehydes. Now, with Sluggo® Plus, you have a safe and actually beneficial alternative to metaldehydes! Enjoy your garden the way Nature intended -- with big, healthy foliage! Get Sluggo® Plus today! 2.5-lb shaker jug.

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