5-Foot Corner-Handle Bos Sheet

5-Foot Corner-Handle Bos Sheet

Goodbye, Tarps! Hello, Indestructible Garden Sheet!

Item # 96927
We are downright honored to offer you the Bos Sheet and Bag! These British products are taking American gardeners by storm, and we have to say they live up to and beyond the hype! We've already traded our tarps in forever for these long-lasting, adaptable, super easy-to-use garden sheets!

Measuring 5 feet square, this sheet is constructed of tightly woven polypropylene with a U.V. stabilizer for an even longer life. It features 4 super-tough handles and is lightweight yet so strong you can carry just about anything in it. This isn't just a leaf collector -- you'll find yourself toting it around to carry out big loads of dead branches, pruned limbs, and even your garden tools! It's just that easy and convenient!

Unlike tarps, which can become slippery or wrinkled, the Bos Sheet lies flat and doesn't give, so you can put it on a steep slope without chasing it down the hill. It folds flat to a little 10-inch by 15-inch handkerchief, yet it really covers ground when opened up. It's perfect for just about any garden chore requiring carrying or gathering things -- and that's nearly all of them!

There is also the famous Bos Bag, which we strongly recommend you try out. (Goodbye, all other recyclable bags in home and garden!) We all spend so much time in the garden -- why shouldn't we use the best and most efficient products we can to maximize our time? Especially when they're as economical and long-lasting as the Bos Sheet! Try one this season, then hurry back to the site and buy more. (You may find yourself giving them as Christmas presents this year!) You're going to love the Bos Sheet. Open dimensions: 5' square; Folded dimensions: 10" W x 15" D.

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