Repel snakes from around your home and gardens with this all natural repellent

Snake Repellent (4-lb. container)

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Environmentally safe and naphthalene free

Made from all natural ingredients, with no harmful effects on family, pets, or the environment
Are snakes a problem in your area? With this patented and effective Snake Repellent, the snakes never enter your yard, home, or garden. This naphthalene-free, environmentally safe formula has the unique ability to irritate the snake's senses, keeping them clear so you can work and play without fear.

Without harming the snakes, this repellent works by interfering with the snake's senses, effectively driving them away with a complex and potent blend of botanical oils and sulfur. Snakes gather information about their surroundings by collecting particles on their tongues and then passing their tongues over a sensory organ inside of their mouth. The ingredients in this repellent disrupt this organ causing discomfort and confusion. The snake then avoids that area because it is highly unpleasant to them.

Made from all natural ingredients, it has no unpleasant stench, is not harmful for the environment and is a safe alternative to use around your pets and family. Most traditional snake repellents available use naphthalene, a chemical that has been shown to cause liver damage, anemia, and is classified by the EPA as a Class C possible human carcinogen. The botanical oils used, such as cedar oil and cinnamon oil, as well as sulfur and other natural ingredients, are tested to work on most common snakes.

For the best results apply on a dry day. Sprinkle an 8-inch wide band around the area to be protected and broadcast interior areas with the repellent at a rate of 1 pound to an 8 by 8 foot area, distributing the additional repellent as evenly as you can. Look for areas where snakes are present like rocks, boards, flagstones, even cracks and fissures in foundations and crawl spaces. You can even create a perimeter barrier by sprinkling a band around your entire property, buildings, or landscaped garden areas. Monitor the treated areas and reapply as needed.

To maintain protection, broadcast at the rate of 1lb to 100 square feet every two to three weeks. Additional applications may be necessary depending upon the frequency of snakes. This formula remains effective through average periods of rainfall. 4 lb container.

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