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Snap & Grow™ 8ft x 8ft Hobby Greenhouse
The Easiest, Safest, and Most Weather-tough Home Greenhouse We've Ever Used!
96977.jpgSnap & Grow™ 8ft x 8ft Hobby GreenhouseSnap & Grow™ 8ft x 8ft Hobby Greenhouse

Snap & Grow™ 8ft x 8ft Hobby Greenhouse

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Unbreakable SnapGlas™ installs in no time and lasts forever!

Plenty of headroom, more than 64 square feet of usable interior space, great insulation, healthy ventilation--the list of merits just goes on and on!
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If you've been contemplating adding a greenhouse to your garden, now is the time to take the plunge. There has never been a more economical, safer, and sturdier home greenhouse than Snap & Grow™, and we believe you can begin your entire garden from seed, or protect your non-hardy plants through winter, within it. Suitable for any climate, it offers unbeatable winter protection for tender plants, a humid environment for seed starting, and more than 64 square feet of useable space for all your potted plants and seedlings!

Standing 8 feet 6½ inches high at the peak, this polycarbonate and heavy-duty aluminum structure can be mounted securely onto a concrete floor or anchored to a level gravel or dirt surface with the included brackets. (All you add are screws or anchor bolts, depending on the base you are attaching it to.) It assembles easily with the innovative SmartLock™ connector system, the single-layer polycarbonate clear-as-glass SnapGlas™ sliding into place smoothly between each polypropylene SmartLock™ connector.

Easy to clean with water and a gentle detergent, it is not prone to the cracking and breaking of glass greenhouses, and is entirely safe for children.

Snap & Grow™ offers 64 square feet (8 by 8 feet, plus change) of useable growing space. The adjustable roof vent and split-style door guarantee full air circulation, including cross-ventilation. Down spouts on each side of the greenhouse are perfect for capturing rain water to save energy and time, while the pre-installed weather stripping ensures protection for your tender plants and seedlings from rough winds, rain, and chill. Replacement parts are available online, but chances are it will be a long time before you need to consider such a contingency--Snap & Grow™ is designed for a lifetime of heavy use!

This greenhouse comes with a large split-style door on one end, as well as one large adjustable roof vent. The exact length and width of the greenhouse is 8 feet one-half inch, with the side walls measuring 5 feet 3 inches high. Frame spacing is 2 feet.

Easy to follow instructions, complete with a parts list and useful diagrams, are included. Don't put off growing the garden of your dreams any longer. With Snap & Grow, it's so easy! 148 lbs.

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Palran 8X8 Greenhouse used as a hot tub enclosure
homeowner from NY wrote (March 26, 2014):
In May 2013 I put a hot tub in the yard for my wife. Come October she said she wanted an enclosure around it for the winter. I made a base for the greenhouse out of 4" X 6" X10 foot pressure treated ties cut to the 96.5 X 96.5 inch specs in the plans. You need a base that is solid, rigid, square and level base. It is too light to just sit on the ground. My first concern was how it was going to handle wind. Since putting this up we have had winds of 25 to 30 mph with gusts to 50 with no problems at all. The greenhouse is doing just fine. My other main concern had been snow, We have come through one of the worst winters I can recall. We had over 55"of snow this winter. But, due to the slant of the roof very little stayed on the roof. I think during a wet fall we might have had 2" on the roof before is slid off. We have had winds in excess of 50 mph on several occasions with no problems at all. Makes the hot tub useable all year long even when the termperature went to 9 degrees F.
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